I’ve been building websites on the side for a little extra dough for a little over two years. I kept things small because I hadn’t considered it to be more than a hobby that paid for itself at the time. I assumed the market for web designers was pretty saturated, so I never thought about it. The sites that I did build were absurdly cheap, with most of my projects falling between $100 – $200. I did this because I was still learning the ropes, and didn’t have much of a portfolio aside from my own personal site.

On June 14th, 2018, I was laid off from my position at Platform. I spent the month following considering many companies and working on proposals. I wasn’t 100% about any of these companies though, none of them checked all of the boxes. My idealistic solution was to start my own thing, but I had to consider things financially, which is scary. I wasn’t in a great financial position, and really only had a few months of runway, which is why I was on the fence about a solo operation at all. But until I had another job offer in hand, I really had no reason not to at least try.

Within my first month in business, I had $3,200 in the pipeline for website sales, $200 in the pipeline for logo sales, and $40/month in recurring monthly revenue from hosting plans. One month in and my revenue is 1.5x of my the monthly salary of the job I was laid off from.

In July, I officially decided to go all-in on Delineation Media Co. I created a logo in-house in 5 minutes, spent the better part of a week putting up a website of my own, as well as configuring custom Plesk servers running on Google Cloud to offer hosting services to my clients on top of web design. Since then, I’ve been seeking out clients and establishing my brand.

If I wasn’t 100% convinced before, I absolutely am now. To kick things off, I’m offering a 15% finders fee to anybody that can get me in contact with those in need of web design, hosting, graphic design, SEO, small-business marketing, or copywriting.

Check out Delineation Media Co.