Time for another update! I’ll catch you up on what’s gone down.

What’s been holding you back from blogging regularly?

I have never been busier in my life. Since starting at Ceterus, the sales team has grown from 2 salesmen to 10, but I’ve remained the only SDR overseeing lead generation. Aside from Ceterus, I’ve built over a dozen websites in the past 6 months, launched two small online ventures, and have netted more from those side-hustles than I have from my day job! My workload has been absurd, but my portfolio is looking better every day.

Where are you in the Praxis program?

I’m now an official Praxis graduate! Alumni status achieved.

How has your position changed at Ceterus?

My official title at Ceterus is still Sales Operations. I’m in charge of everything lead-generation, and I administer all of the software we use for customer-relations. Recently, I’ve gotten the opportunity to assemble and run my own team of freelance lead-generation specialists. I finished last quarter having overseen the addition of more than 250% of my prospect quota to our CRM database, and I accomplished that without a higher quarterly budget for lead generation.

How do you like Charleston? Are you planning on being there long-term?

This city is certainly growing on me! Currently, I plan on kicking it here in Chucktown for the next ~3.5 years, until my stock options are fully vested at Ceterus.

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