When starting a new business, somebody is already kicking your ass. Someone is doing it better, cheaper, and making it easier for the customer.

When I started my service, Forward Slash 3D, we had zero starting capital. We couldn’t even afford the $50 to register a new domain. Though, I attribute the entire brand to this. We were forced to house the service on a subdomain of my main website, www.austinzitting.com/3D. This became our name, ‘Forward Slash 3D’.

I have little experience with websites. I didn’t have the time to spend developing a page that allowed for user accounts, payments, or really anything more than the main page. We chose to alienate those features, as shown below from Forward Slash 3D’s page.

That’s too complicated. With us, all you do is contact us via email or a phone call, and an actual person will assist you throughout the entire process. No accounts, nothing to upload, and no dealing with bots. (Heck, we might even ask you about your day.)

When selling, it doesn’t matter if you’re the worst service in the industry. Take anything that’ll make you look inferior next to a competitor and sell it.