I live in the boonies. I’ve had to deal with a neat internet service provider that rhymes with Windstream for most of my life. Windstream has had a complete monopoly over my community. Until recently, there have been zero alternatives.

Windstream is shit. The largest option they offer for my area is 3mbps, though we rarely break 1.5mbps. They frequently shut off for hours at a time, sometimes days, without any sort of notice. They claim they’re improving their infrastructure during these spontaneous outings. I’ve noticed no improvements. The community is not pleased.

But who else are we going to turn to? They’ve had no reason to improve.

The local IT specialists, Click Computers, heard our displeasure with Windstream. They saw the ideal opportunity to offer an alternative. Click Computers found a way to beam internet to us using antennas out of the nearby town. This made Windstream’s already-obsolete infrastructure far more obsolete. We have this service, and it’s phenomenal.

And the best part, Windstream caught wind of this, and is stepping up their game. The presence of a competitor forced them to surpass mediocrity.

Entrepreneurs will always find a way to overcome monopolies, no government intervention needed.