This past year, I’ve grown passionate about cryptocurrency. I tested the waters with a small investment, and soon tripled my money. Having heard of my success, others reached out to me with questions and inquiries.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies can be a long, convoluted process. I saw the opportunity to step in and charge 5% up front to obtain, store, and sell cryptocurrencies, and seized it immediately.

Don’t I need qualifications?

Qualifications are obsolete, and hardly a necessity. As Isaac Morehouse puts it; “I want to run really fast, what certifications should I get?”

Don’t I at least need certifications before doing this professionally?

The single defining factor of doing something professionally is profiting off of it. To date, I have six clients, and hold over $6,000 of their cryptocurrency.

If you’re waiting on achieving qualifications before doing anything outside of the medical industry, you’re lying to yourself.