I’m sure just about anybody you ask would tell you they’d work from home if they could, but there’s an art to staying productive at home, which is spending time away.

Your home is distracting. It’s too easy to get comfortable. It’s too easy to entertain yourself. It’s difficult to maintain a working mindset separate from a relaxing mindset all under the same roof. My advice is to get in the habit of leaving your house to work at least twice a week. Two common places that you can always count on are coffee shops and libraries. Both will almost always provide areas to work in, and adequate wifi.

Coffee shops are choice if you work better with caffeine or snacks, though you can’t always count on them to be silent. Though, headphones are an easy solution to this.

Libraries are a great choice if you need silence to operate. They’re not used as much as they once were, so it’s usually pretty easy to find an empty area in the library where you won’t be bothered.

What’s important is finding an area that you can work productively in, so find a place, whether it be a quiet restaurant, park, or even just a street bench, and make it your own.