The case for the vast majority of us will always be the same. You’re starting something new, and you’re petrified. You feel younger, less accomplished, and just worse than your newfound peers.

Everyone else in your position feels the same way. They might even see you as a threat. How do you combat this? Form a team, a squad, a mastermind group.

I started a program called Praxis this past September. I was their youngest accepted applicant at the time, and I was mortified. Other participants were up to ten years older than me, and I was expected to reach out to them for help, advice, and opportunities.


Within a week of starting the program, I discovered several other young Praxians in the same situation as me. Genius Caitlyn Scheel struck gold with the idea of forming a mastermind group for adolescent Praxians. Along comes ‘Praxis In Our Prime’, or PIOP. (Shoutout to Jake Denison for the name.)

PIOP serves several purposes. First off, it provides somewhat of a “no-stupid-questions” resource for those of us already feeling inferior to our older Praxian counterparts. Second, it’s a selling point for youth on the edge about joining Praxis, over the fear of inferiority. Most importantly, it’s just a phenomenal resource for collaborating.

To put it bluntly, PIOP has been a great success. Members have felt more confident about their place in the program.

There’s safety in numbers. Squad up.